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As someone who's spent £ on my setup as i usually spend 10hrs + in it most days:

1. Screen height - a simple one. Always have your screen/monitor heigh just above eye-level as that you're not haunched over.

2. VERTICAL MOUSE (Search it), way better than fancy touch ones - WARNING: once you convert to vertical mouse - you won't go back.

3. Make sure your elbows are back - this opens up your diaphram and puts your shoulders back naturally. Either sit right tucked in so you're not leaning on your desk - or buy a sliding shelf, thats low, so you can tuck your arms in.

4. (LET THERE BE) Light. The white of your screen should match the whiteness of your surroundings. Do not work in pitch black. No, those Tik-Tok gamer setups with neons don't work. Get adequate lighting, or a designated lamp that goes over your whole setup.

5. Have regularly breaks. Work intense for an hour or so. But always factor in a 5-15min walk about. Fun fact from somewhere: smokers tend to be able to deal with higher tolerances of stress than their non-smoking co-workers - regular breaks. (I can't find the source). I try to always to average 10k steps a day this years as one of my 'resolutions'.

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