Ai creates just images, Designers create Ideas.

We are positioned above this merely mass picture/illustration production.

We create complex visual systems, concepts, way of thinking and most important thing we have a personality that applies to all that.

I am at the moment working on a project in which we designers require to use Ai generated art for a Book, and we are dealing with various "Ai artists".

Some of them are skilled designers approaching the Ai realm but others are just "prompters".

I can assure that the "prompters" are not gonna be included among the artists of the book.

At the end of the day what we look for it's always the mind behind certain art, we wanna collaborate with minds not calculators.

I also think that this mass production and fast image consuming are just a part of the entire Art/Design spectrum. The job of us designers will be more respected and we will be more like Art directors, I also believe that physical aspect of Art will be more valued (painting, sculpture).

As I said, we are people and we want to enjoy this ride of life with others that makes us laugh, smile and think.

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my personal bias opinion is that the main people participating in AI creation maybe feed into because they them selves are not creative and can not come up with something authentic and original.

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Thanks for this post. I totally agree with all 3 points. I really respect the optimism, but personally I am leaning heavy on the doomsday side lol. I saw this comment recently which i feel like embodies a common sentiment I've seen among designers

"The key to surviving as a designer in an AI future is to value yourself way more on your ability to make strategic, practical, and research driven design choices, than your ability to physically design."

Which to me is sad on two levels: Firstly because people got into design to make shit. Making shit is fun. And secondly, I don't think it will be long before AI can do better research and make better strategic design decisions than a human anyway.

Idk if it's 3 years or 30 years but I think we're basically all getting replaced sooner or later and the only jobs left will be from companies who have money to burn on hiring a human just for that "human touch." Super pessimistic view I know, just where I'm at currently. Hopefully I'm wrong!

Also at least we're not alone. Illustration, animation, copy writing, video editing, audio/music production are all arguably further down this path than graphic designers.

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Love this perspective thanks for the in-depth thoughts and critique.

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Love the closing thoughts 💭 haha!

Yeah I agree it’s funny cause I wrote about NFT and how Ai gave those NFT artist a way to mass produce. But the idea was never about creating but making more money and I think that’s what’s happening now. I’ve seen countless videos on “how to make 100k using Ai”

It’s sad that when some of these thing that can Ai artist become a way for more capitalism. I struggle with really understanding the people who call themselves “prompt engineers”.. it’s a fancy name and I’m sure takes some skill to master but idk it’s not the same as being called an artist but they’re trying to make that synonymous with being an artist. I’ve seen so many new Ai pages on IG and people wanting to go viral.. it’s sad. We’re definitely in a “new phAise” (Ai) and I have so many conflicting feelings lol. But I agree with everything you’ve said here. We will be alright brother! *fingers crossed*

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