i don’t think about it too much i think! i let it flow naturally, if i wanna make something personal i’ll just do that, as i don’t get that much crazy amount of client work. maybe that’s why lol

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I am often not making any personal work at all. However, going outside for a walk in a new area of London with my camera will always trigger something. I feel like making personal work is easier when it's not in my professional work field, weirdly enough.

Thanks for sharing your journey! Super interesting. Hope the new houses treats you well 😌

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I don't even balance it at all. I think its really all about filling every single time slot you have with productivity (both creatively & the client ) until your time slots build up coz you got a lot done under pressure. Then those time slots become the time you spend with ur gf or family or watever.

i hope you figure it out & things work out eventually tho.

May the good Lord bless & keep you <3

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