Who are you and what is this?

I’m Jesse Nyberg a freelance graphic designer & content creator from Los Angeles. My design practice focuses heavily on typography, texture, and layout. Mixing a blend of traditional swiss design values with post-modern and anti-design flavor.

Weekly I will be sharing all kinds of updates on cool design stuff, maybe some of my favorite music that week, videos around the internet, and more.

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If you wanna work with me on design stuff check out my website and shoot me an email!

If you want to connect with me on the internet in more places feel free to do so. My main passion right now is posting on Youtube, over there I post videos on design, freelancing, and creativity.

I also post on Instagram pretty often and that is where you can see finished design work! Other than that you can catch most of my poster designs and shitposts on my Twitter.

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Much Love, Glue.

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Graphic Designer from Los Angeles